Het Schoolkrantje

Independent gay zine

Het Schoolkrantje is an independent gay zine about intimacy, created by Christian Koch and Jakobus Valkering. What are the different forms of intimacy and why seem some gay men have a fear for vulnerability and intimacy?

Christian and Jakobus created this zine to start a conversation with the LGBTQI+ community about the lack of connection, vulnerability and intimacy. How can we fulfill our desire for less emptiness and loneliness in a scene that seems to be obsessed with sex.

Het Schoolkrantje has been launced during Pride Amsterdam 2021. The zine costs 10 euro’s and will be published in a limited edition. It's written in  English and contains a manifesto, interviews with gay men about their approch to intimacy and photography.

Since we launced Het Schoolkrantje we got request from people all around the world who wanted to buy the zine. We are very happy that the gay zine found it's way to China, Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, and Argentina.  

Het Schoolkrantje is for sale in several bookstores in Amsterdam. Please go to Scheltema, Athenaeum Nieuwcentrum or to the The American Book Center on the Spui in Amsterdam. Het Schoolkrantje is also for sale in the Eisenherz Bookstore in Berlin. 

Het Schoolkrantje became also part of the exhibition 'Intimcacy: New Queer Art from Berlin and Beyond' in the Schwules Museum in Berlin.